Privacy Policy:

Your privacy is important for us;

The Trade Nexus mission is to proactively help companies to improve their profitability. We are committed with our users to be transparent about collected data, usage and with whom it's shared.

Registered members share their professional identities, relevant information about their companies and find business opportunities for the company they represent.

Registered users confirm having the acceptance of their company for any activity related with our platform and they act as agreed between their companies and themselves.


This privacy policy applies to and other The Trade Nexus sites, apps, communications and services like "Share" options.

Contracting parties:

Designed for boosting profitability SL will be the controller of all provided data including personal provided data as well as any data collected by or for, or processes in connection with our services.

As Registered member or Visitor using our services, the collection, usage or sharing of your personal data is subject to this privacy policy and other documents referenced in this document, as well as updates.


The Trade Nexus can modify the Privacy Policy giving you the opportunity to review the changes. If you don't accept the changes, you can close your account.

User acknowledgment to the updated Privacy policy including collection, usage and sharing of personal data means acceptance as of it's effective date.


  • Data that we collect;
    • Data you provide to us;
      • Posting and searching; we collect data when you provide, post or upload it to our Services, such as when you fill out a form, make any search respond to a survey or use the contact formular.
      • Registration; Name, email address, mobile number, and a password are needed during the registration process. For a premium Service, payment (e.g., credit card) and billing information are needed.
      • Personal Profile; Information such as your role or department within your company are registered.
      • Company profile; All data provided during the registration process as well as the one used to create public content, improve your company profile or used to connect with other users or visitors.
    • Data from others - Content; Other users as well as you might post information about you either in a post or using any other offered service. We also may collect such information and make it available as part of our services including notifications to others.
  • Service use; We might log usage data when you visit or use our services, including our sites, app and platform technology, such as when you view or click on content or ads, perform a search, install or update one of our mobile apps or share articles. We use log-ins, cookies, device information and internet protocol (“IP”) addresses to identify you and log your use.
  • Cookies and Similar Technologies: We use the cookies described in our Cookie policy and could use similar technology to collect data to recognize you and your device(s) on, off and across different services and devices where you have engaged with our Services. We might also allow some others to use cookies as described in our Cookie Policy. Depending on your location and according to the legislation, we could also collect information about your device where you have or have not engaged with our Services to provide our Members with relevant ads and measure their effectiveness.
  • Location and other information from your device: When you visit or leave our Services, we could receive the URL of the website you come from and the one you go to as well as the timing. We could also get information about your network and device. In case you use a mobile device, it could send us data about your location.
  • Messages: We collect information about you when you send, receive or engage with messages related with our platform. We also reserve the right to scan messages to protect our site.
  • Workplace;Your employer (directly or through a selected representant) could provide us with personal information (like e-mail address) about you and your eligibility to use the services they have selected
  • Sites and services of others; We could receive information about your visits and interaction with services provided by others when you log-in with our site or visit other services that include some of our plugins or our ads, cookies or similar technologies
  • Updates; As our platform is in continuous evolution, we will notify you and may also update this Privacy policy.
  • How we use your data; Data usage might depend on the services you use and how you use them. Collected data is used to provide and personalize our services so that our Services can be more useful to you and others.
    • Services:
      • Productivity: Our services allow you and your working colleagues to search for potential customers, partners and study potential development opportunities to improve your company profitability.
      • Visibility and connection; Our services allow you to have a better market understanding about companies who could become your potential customers and companies who could become your potential suppliers. It also allows you and other companies to get a better visibility on potential companies you could partner with. To do so, you can search, follow or contact other companies who could be interested in building commercial relationships. We use data about your company profile, profiles you have viewed, searches through the searching tool or companies you are following to give you and other users a better user experience.
      • Visibility and connection; Our services allow you to have a better market understanding about companies who could become your potential customers and companies who could become your potential suppliers. It also allows you and other companies to get a better visibility on potential companies you could partner with. To do so, you can search, follow or contact other companies who could be interested in building commercial relationships. We use data about your company profile, profiles you have viewed, searches through the searching tool or companies you are following to give you and other users a better user experience.
      • Information: Our services allow you to receive valuable market information to improve your company profitability while nurturing business relationships. Our services also allow you to stay informed regarding professional things you care about. We use the data we have about you to personalize our services. We also use the data we have about you to recommend companies or services which could benefit you and your company. We could also use data provided by you to notify other companies about a new product, service, certificate or any type of update made in your company profile allowing you to gain visibility
  • Premium services; We sell premium services that provide our customers with marketing and sales solutions. Other companies can extract public information from your company profile. We do not provide contact information as part of these premium services without your consent.
  • Communications; We will contact you to inform about our services, network updates, reminders, suggestions, messages from us and our partners through email, mobile phone, notices posted on our websites or apps, messages to your inbox, text messages, push notifications and other ways. These communications will remain active as long as your profile is active. We also enable communications between you and others through our services.
  • Marketing; Members data and other content could be used to promote membership, network growth, invitations, engagement or our services, like showing other you have used our services
  • Advertising; We may target ads directly or through other partners using advertising technologies, device identifiers, information provided by our members, data from your use of our services or others as described in the user agreement or terms and conditions documents. We might also show you sponsored as well as non-sponsored ads (not labelled as advertising). In case you take a social action on these ads, this might be seen by the sponsor as well as others.

    Your personal data will not be shared with any third-party except: If having your permission, data which is already visible to other users or device identifiers or hashed IDs (as far as allowed by local regulations).

    In case of you clicking on an ad provided by us or any third party, the ad provider will get a signal that their webpage was visited. Through the use of cookies or other mechanism they can determine it is you. Personal data collected by advertisers from you could be associated with ID device identifiers or hashed IDs by our advertisers. In such cases, advertising partners are requested to obtain your explicit consent.

  • Research and development services; In order to provide you and other users with a better experience, increase membership growth and engagement with our services, we might conduct research through the data. As we seek to create economic opportunities for companies using our platform, the data contained in the platform might be used for that purpose. Other methodologies like the usage of surveys might be conducted by us or by others in order to pursue this target.
  • Complaints management; Public data as well as any communication can be used to investigate and resolve complaints and to secure a good Service level
  • Other data that does not identify you; We could also use your data for any purpose not related with you, like statistics generation, analyse advertising or any other similar purpose.
  • Security; Your data and communications can also be used for security purposes (Fraud or other violations of the agreed conditions with us which attempt registered members, visitors or others)
  • How we share information;
    • Services;
      • Public and private communications; Our services allow you to share and view information such as news, post, companies profiles and others. Any published information will be viewable by any user of our services. In case you follow a company, this will be notified. If you share a private message to any company, it might be seen by different members of this company. When you like, or share any content, other might be able to view it. Your company as well as other company members will see the different interactions you had with other companies. We might also use some of the information you share through private messages in order to improve the general platform user experience
      • Company profile; Company profile is visible to all users of our services as well as visitors
    • Other services;
      • In case you link your account with other´s services, they might be capable to look up any information from our platform or interact on your behalf.
      • Your personal data might be shared with our affiliates and business partners to develop our services. For example, we may personalize your newsletter/cron/feed based on your history (navigation history, searches and others).
    • Service providers; we may use others to help us with the services we provide. They will have access to your information in order to perform their task. All service providers are obligated to not disclose or use such information
    • Legal disclosures;Information might be disclosed if; required by any legal process or if we consider that disclosure is reasonably necessary to avoid any illegal activity or assist government agencies, enforce our agreements with you, investigate and defend ourselves or our services or protect the rights of The Trade Nexus, our employees, our users or others.
    • Sales or changes in control; In case we sell, change the control, separate or merge with a third party, the newly involved parties will have the right to keep using your data as to the limits set in this policy unless you agree in any new terms.
  • User options: Your data will be retained as your account remain opened. Even if you only use our services randomly your personal information and company profile will remain open until you close your account.

    For your personal data, you can;

    • Delete Data (asking us to erase it)
    • Change or correct your data through your personal/company profile
    • Limit or restrict the use of data in case of us not having the legal right to keep using it
    • Access and or take your data
  • Data after closing your account; If you decide to delete your user or close your company account, we will delete related information after a period. Nevertheless, some data will be retained to comply with our legal obligations, security, resolution of disputes or any other needs. Any shared information with third parties will remain visible after closing your account. In case any user has copied any information from you, we do not control it.
  • Other information; Security; Even when our system is regularly monitored to identify vulnerabilities and attacks, safeguards are implemented to protect all data. Independently on all measures taken on our side, we can not warrant the data you provide us or any access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction by breaching our safeguards.